Monday, 23 September 2013

Foxwood Steel play Leeds Met Again!

Well Debs,

A quick school burst in Morley, then over to Leeds Met in town to pick up the pans that we then use to play the Met at Beckett Park.

Next day [11/9]:  we are Georgia [and Maya], Charlotte, Sarah [and Daniel], Fehmina and myself. We decide against a drum kit, partly Debs, because we have no specialist drummer.

Our situation, on paving slabs with a brick wall behind makes up for lack of kit and lack of numbers. We sound ace; sadly the weird radio station immediately opposite us has no plans to stop his music [loud, amplified] while we play.

I had kinda assumed that he would share the space with us. I asked him if he could turn it down while he played and he said no. "So," I say, "there's no point us being here?" He agreed with me. He was there for the day; we had an hour.

I am not sure, Debs, sometimes, why we bother with live music. because what I may call corporate interests with the free pizzas and the opportunity to repeat trite slogans into a microphone can be quite attractive to some freshers. Well, we played our set; they actually did turn it down a bit. A bit.

Anyway, Mike from Leeds Met liked us; lots of people took our fliers; and next time I use Fehmina's phone/camera I might place my fingers somewhere more sensible.

Next: The Curry Festival in Millennium Square.

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