Sunday, 22 September 2013

East Steel Play Corinthian House September 2013

Now then Debs,

First me, Natalie, Bex, Sophie, Vicky went to watch Pan Jumbi [31/8] with Tim standing in as drummer. And I visit my mother on her birthday and photograph excellent fungi in her garden.

We thought Tim was great, but we were biased. Anyway the best thing about the evening was meeting up in a nice way with Max and Dave. Friends lost from way back. Also made Daisy go on an anti-war demo in Dortmund Square. [here Steve and me behind the banner.]

Term starts. With babyminding and training days  [me and Nat meeting in the lovely Corn exchange] ; and someone nicking a couple of paving slabs from our back garden. Hmmm. Oh well, back to steelpans.

East Steel is playing Corinthian House on Upper Wortley, which you get to, if you are Bex, from Horsforth via Bradford. We kinda kept away from her until the magician appeared. No Debs, not the tune, a real life, sort of retired magician. Who was still magic, and even got Bex to smile [see right].

Bex was just settling in, drum stool sliding into the soft ground, to be the drummer, when Wanda casually mentioned that her son was coming, and that he played drum-kit. I asked Jamie if he would like to guest on a couple of numbers. Debs, how many people fall for that one!

Two hours later, and Jamie was going home wearing his mum's new East Steel hoody!

The magician [I'll get name later] pulled soft toys from our ears and confounded us all with disappearing and re-appearing objects. We wondered if he would like to come on tour with James and Michael.

East Steel was Joyce, Anne, Lynn, Wanda, Trish, Lizzie, me, Bex and most welcome guest drummer, Jamie.

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