Sunday, 22 September 2013

Foxwood Play Leeds Met and Twenty Songs in G and Eminor arrive

When Mike from Leeds Met said could we play Monday evening, we thought he meant evening, not the beginning of the night!

With some misgivings  me, Charlotte, Tim, Natalie, Vicky, Fehmina and Bex set up in the Union bar downtown at the Met. And I think it fair to say, that it was with some misgivings [but of a different nature] that George watched us set up.

Well, we started at 10pm and we rocked the joint. George's smile on the second number said it all, and so did handshakes all round at the end. We were playing in the dark, underneath a speaker still pumping out some pop tunes, so songs you had to read made for interesting times [but not in a good way!].

Bex the Cinderella fled at the stroke of 11pm, and, not having Smalls to get ready for school in the morning, the rest of us just went for it.

Two pints later and Tim and Charlotte knocked out a full pint of lager, which landed on most of the rest of us [actually Debs, most of them!]. We stayed on for a couple more. This seemed like a very good idea on Monday evening, and slightly less good an idea on Tuesday morning.

[In the morning my latest book appeared on my doorstop - Twenty Songs in G and Eminor. V exciting.][Will put up the picture later].

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