Monday, 24 June 2013

Foxwood at Wykbeck, GUO workshop, and Four Go to the Brudenell

Holy Smoke Debs!

I've gone out of sequence.

How will you ever keep up? Before Sparrows and East Steel got to Holy Rosary, Foxwood got up at the crack of dawn [well, not anybody's else's crack of dawn, but mine and Tim's, and actually quite possibly Amy's] to play at Amy's school, Wykebeck Primary, Gipton, Leeds.

The local vicar was leaving for pastures new and we were a surprise steelband trio. And we were asked if we knew his favourite tune, Three Little Birds. Which, as you know, Debs, we know. We played it and then scrambled, Tim and I just in time for our next school, where we turned into teachers.

After that we played the Holy Rosary gig [see previous post], then some more Sparrows joined us for a Grand Union workshop at City of Leeds School  on rhythms. Sparrows were Claudia, Naomi, Georgia E, Rameice, Bella, Millie; Sparrows staff were ,e. Bex, Natalie and Tim; Grand Union staff were Tony, Youseff and  Daniel; and then we went for a beer, first at Akbar's in Woodhouse, while Tony and  co had a late dinner, and then me, Nat, Bex and Tim went to the Brudenell.

Which was pushing it really as all four of us are playing Otley tomorrow [Saturday] . . .

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