Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Five Go Down to Woodhouse Moor: Foxwood

Well, Charlotte would call this another fine mess!

I met Helen from Rock Solid on Friday at City of Leeds School, found out they were having a little festival on Woodhouse Moor this Saturday . Indignantly I asked why no steelband.

Next I find myself arguing to Bex, Vicky, Tim and Gig that we could do that. And then we spot Amy who had agreed to come to play low chords with East Steel  at Beeston. Before she knows it we are all heading towards Hyde Park, with the pans strategically packed in the Little Blue Van.

Meanwhile, Stewart is innocently coming walking past my house on his way back from a five hour session at the Uni. Hoping for a cup of tea, instead he finds he is sharing the Panda pan and James-and-Michael with Vicky.

Then one of my primary school pupils turns up, films us and puts it on youtube [he is eleven, and he has computer skills well past mine. Why am I surprised?] Just type in Foxwood Steel.

Debs, that was probably one gig too many on a sunny afternoon, but at the time, seemed like a good idea.

Saturday evening? No idea. Can't remember.

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