Wednesday, 19 June 2013

East Steel and Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows play Holy Rosary St Anne's

Before we got to Holy Rosary, the sun was shining.; we set up under the tree, and the heavens opened.

Obviously we played  Singin' in the Rain. I had brought several large umbrellas and a cheap plastic parasol. You will see them all in the pictures. The audience conga-ed round the school grounds under their. We were all, mostly, relentlessly cheerful.

East Steel were Karen, Alli, Trish, Anne, Lynn, Wanda, Kirsty, Sparrows were Claudia, Georgia, Millie S, Bella, Tim played kit and Natalie and I played whatever.

Claudia the Music Stand
I left the snare drum behind, so Tim put the hanging tom on the snare cradle, and then we totally failed to find anything that would rattle on top of it.

Claudia made a great music stand.

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