Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Foxwood at The Hop

It's just a hop down the road for Foxwood Steel to the Hop on Granary Wharf. And there was a little stage for us. Right in the middle. We moved it to by the Hop window. It's a curious thing about bars, schools, venues in general in the UK. Even parks now. We all want to play outside in summer, but where's the roof? It's in Homebase or B and Q and it takes off in a high wind - that is, if Health and Safety even let you put it up.

Oh for the bandstands of yore. Now we have, on a couple of occasions played for the re-inauguration of bandstands , one in Bradford [Lister Park I think] about 4 years ago, and Horsforth Hall Park in Leeds - that was way back last century - 1997-ish, I think.

Anyway, it nearly rained at the Hop, but it didn't. That was about as exciting as it got. No, I lie. We were kept with a steady supply of cups of tea, which, to my mind, makes a gig. Of course buns would be paradise; but tea is halfway there. Obviously, am not going to go on about this, but before any gig there is a certain amount of dragging the pans down the garden, loading, driving, finding where to drop off and where to park; there's always a skirmish with security, which usually involves the first words, "You can't park here . . . " This is followed on the rainy days by, "You can't put that up there . ."

. . . so, where was I, oh yes, unloading, guarding, driving off for the car park, setting up . . So before you even hit the first G chord for Always On My Mind [more Pet Shop than Elvis], you've experienced some physical labour and a small amount of mental trauma.

"Cuppa?" "Absolutely"

I'll put in the pictures when I remember which ancient computer I put them onto, and whenever I have two hours to spare as they deign to grind into action. This is us last year when Amy from the Silver Doves joined us.

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