Friday, 29 July 2011

Foxwood and Doves at the Great Pensions Strike Leeds

Dear Debs

We've barely unloaded from the Hop, when it's back in the van with our eight piece: triple basses, guitars, 2 seconds, double tenor, 2 sopranos, kit, and I'm now unloading in Leeds City Square. It's 30th June and it's the great UK Big Pensions Strike. And, not only has Leeds TUC put the steel band on its banner [facing the brass band] in our honour but now the NUT has asked us to play in the Square as people gather for the rally and speeches.

Honoured to play; honoured to be asked. I have been an NUT member for 31 years and they have helped me personally on more than one occasion, and they help in the fight against the injustices that have so sadly beset our city over those decades. They are someones to turn to when you feel that They are out to get you. And also now that we have free meals at the Sheesh Mahal if we help make the meetings quorate, even better. Well, I teach night classess on Thursdays so it is theoretically better. I get to the meeting then have to leave before the meal, and with that wonderful smell taunting me as I leave.

Of course, it is a strike for teachers and lecturers but Foxwood Steel Band is not all teachers. And not any lecturers. Luckily some student Doves are able to join. And so as 11.30 gets closer the band goes from a duo [Me and Gig] to a trio [and this is how Sarah spends her lunchbreak], to briefly an octet [well, Sarah has got to eat as well!].

We are on tele for an very excited 11 seconds [and this, Mig, I guess you could call an transfered epithet], and Gig has it recorded, so we can compete for who gets most air time! And it's Georgia, of course!

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