Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dear Debs Now It's Shipley

Dear Debs,

This letter to Carriacou often finds you closer to home. In fact you and I have just spent two nights in a field near Shipley. I did take some photos, but I lost the camera the following evening, so those pictures of the triple canal locks will just have to remain in our memories.

Before setting up my own tent, I spent some time looking at the setting sun, trying to face north, work out east and west, thinking left and right and then I set up the tent entrance so it would get the sun all day. Sadly I forgot the sun was nearly overhead, and I decided to be near a tree for cosiness, and also got shade.

And the moral is that you don't have to have to go miles away from home i.e. Leeds in order to get away from it all. And actually, being near to home meant that when I drained my car battery with the camping light, it wasn't too far the following evening for Diane to come over with the jump leads that she bought en route.

But I did think Debs, that you were spoiling the fun a bit by reading the instructions. I always just used to touch the different terminals with the different leads until they didn't spark too much. Used to work to work for me, and the nervous-looking donor drivers.

I came back to Leeds on Thursday and that night my neighbour and friend, Deborah died in a house fire. This was a very sad event, and not really appropriate, Debs for me to talk about in this blog to you. However, it happened. So it must be known.

At the weekend, on Saturday East Steel played for Judy's big birthday. Players were Karen, Ali, Judy, Joyce, Adele, Cathy, Vicky with guests, Bella and Rameice and me, Bex and Nat. No camera, no photos as yet for Judy's do

On Sunday, Foxwood Steel and the Leeds Silver Doves played for the Big Lunch for Valley Court on Cardigan Road. We debuted our new Events Tent. We were Georgia, me, Bex, Natalie, Amy, Joe M and Varshika, with guest, Jo from ArtForms. Children were Jordan, James, Michael and Maya, and here is Michael posing on the banner. The event was organised by David and Sandra from Valley Court, and it did indeed bring the community together is the bestest ever big garden.

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