Saturday, 18 June 2011

Otley: A Right Proper Carnival

Dear Debs

Taking a break from gigging, I headed south to the big Anti-Acadmies Alliance conference in London last weekend. Of course, pans must go on, every summer weekend, and so Natalie and Carrie-ann held the fort, taking the Silver Robins from City of Leeds school to play for Little London Community Day, while Mrs Durkin and Miss Holt looked after our gorgeous Little London year 5 Percussion group.

But suddenly it's the 3rd weekend in June, and now it's Otley Carnival. Like Brotherton and Byram, it's a proper, old-fashioned carnival with floats and proper fancy dress, troupes and marching bands. Foxwood, East Steel, Doves and you and Caroline from South Steel. And, then a dancing troupe from Leeds Museums, with West Indian style costumes, as you can see below, and some well-practised dancing.

Two things fell off the float after we hasd stopped; one had a happy ending; one not so.

One: Taking her phone out of her pocket, Natalie watched in dismay as her ring of white gold and with sentimental bounced behind a banner and out onto the ground below. Happy ending; it was mostly gravel and such grass as there was was short. I found it.

Two: Karen from East Steel/Steel Rising was not so lucky: getting off the float, and sad ending: she knocked her elbow on the lorry, and finished her day at the first aid tent. Now, with her arm in a sling she needs to be practising one-handed, methinks!

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