Sunday, 25 October 2015

Leeds Pan Central Rock the Co-operative Academy

Well the days are long gone that you could call for the kids you want, jump in the minibus and go downtown. You can't even book them in advance not unless it's the Town Hall, and even then I usually only now get them for the show itself, not the morning rehearsal.

My latest letter to the paper [on sister blog]:]

enumerates, and not for the first time, all the great great benefits that music, playing music, playing well enough to play in public, confers on a human being. . . . . . .

Well, cutting this long one short, we are me [Victoria], Yi Bai, Georgia and Joyce. Next up is Chloe [flute player and singer] who has played four times in her life so far, and never the songs we are about to take on. Then the three amazing Czech boys from the Co-operative Academy [Primrose High School as was]. I checked out the Czechs the day before; yes, Nicolas can drum calypso; yes Adrian can change chords by ear, and on the day here is Timi, who with some heavy guidance can hit the bass note on cue. And then, just as you thought this was a already proper band, I spot Gavin before he spots me!
It was a trip down Memory Lane. There's Richard, Nadia, Jacky, Marie, Diane for a start.

The whole show is about what makes Britain great, and it's its many different cultures. The break-your-heart act was the Slovenian choir with the girl lead/soloist [with Timi accompanying on piano! Now that's what I call live music]. Because I don't which school students, if any have parental permission to be on this blog, we tried pics with players leaning at silly angles, or turned round.

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