Thursday, 21 May 2015

Foxwood Steel at Oakwood Farmers Market Again

The day started sunny and windless and stayed as such for all our set. Oakwood Clock and surrounding square have been refurbished and the Clock itself is big and beautiful against the blue skies and spring green tree. We were me, Yi Bai, Katie, Bex, Vicky, Charlotte, Sophie, Gary, Daisy, Amy in order of arrival. Please note that I was, and in the van, the first at a gig. This won't happen again, so may as well make this note.

Bex told us she had a small free gig. Was totally puzzled until I put in the hyphen. A small-free gig!

We played 25 songs in 3 sets in 2 and 1/2 hours. Amy said she was too tired to play until Sophie put her straight! Actually that was the level of the excitement. It was the third event this week for four of us [me, Bex, Vicky Sophie at Middleton Park [East Steel], at Wharfedale [massed school bands], now here [Foxwood]. All have been great to be part of. Love playing parks and bandstands, love playing festivals, love playing outside on stone in built-up areas. Thanks to Ian for inviting us yet again.

So that's it. Here's some pics. [And the cloth banner was originally made by Trish Senior for Foxwood at Foxwood School in 1980-something]

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