Sunday, 23 November 2014

East Steel and Steelettes at Morley Town hall

Saturday Christmas Fair at Morley Town Hall. East Steel were me, Bex, Sophie, Anne, Lynn, Wanda, Kirsty, Pippa and Trisha. Yi Bai drummed for us, and the beginners' class, the Steelettes made their debut.

Steelettes were Joanne, Amanda, Jill, Kirsten and Lucy.

There was a large mirror at opposite end of hall, and I took some pics of us backwards.

The load in from the back doors was great. Onto the stage without having carry lumps of metal through the audience. Super.

We interspersed Christmas tunes with some of favourites. Best moment was when we played The Holly and the Ivy, with both Bex and I thinking the other must have taught it. We put a brave face on it.

The Steelettes joined us for a few numbers then we wound up and I I took the van over to Seacroft for the Foxwood gig in the evening. Next!

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