Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows play Awards Ceremony at the Headingley Experience

I had to go to an MU conference in Cardiff, so, I left the Sparrows [Leeds ArtForms city-wide steelband] for the second time ever just with Bex [with support from Tim and Y Bai]. Rick, Y Bai and I took the pans over [that's shorthand] to the Cricket/Rugby Ground at lunchtime; I left Y Bai there to set up on his own, and satisfied that I had facebooked, phoned and hassled everybody as much as I could, I had to leave them to it. Though I was still arranging a taxi for Claudia with Josie and Annette as |I was leaving  .  .
I managed not to text them at all that day, but just kept saying, I wonder how it's going to Diane every so often.
Y Bai is ex-Sparrow from the Albert Hall days, back from his three year holiday in Scarborough, I mean his Music Technology degree from Hull, Scarborough campus! He is doing Work Experience with us at ArtForms, yippee!
Sparrows were Claudia, Millie S, Chloe, Millie C, Ash, Georgia [G2]; staff were Bex, Tim, Y Bai. The event was organised by Josie and her team, and was an Awards for Excellence Ceremony for Children's Services. I'll put up the pics as soon as I get them. Meantime here's Claudia with some balloons.

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