Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Foxwood back in Seacroft

Foxwood back where it all started in Seacroft for Margaret's big birthday 

Well, two gigs in one day. And Bex not taking the kids to either! What decadence! What madness! The upside of this is that it halves the number of times that we have to carry basses [and the rest!] up and and down a wet November garden.

 Leaving the Victorian grandeur of Morley Town Hall [where we have just played with East Steel] we head for a gazebo next to the bouncy thing in Margaret's back garden. This is the first time we have played since Sonny passed, so Margaret's birthday, the day after what would have been their wedding anniversary is very much tinged with sadness.

Natalie and I are both poorly with some sort of bad muscles; Margaret's recently broken arm is only just out of the pot, so it falls to Hazel to be the brawn of this outfit. She says she was too busy being naughty at school [ah, yes, I remember!] to learn anything about pans, playing, transport and care of. Well, she's not doing a bad job here!

When we come back later we are me, Bex, Natalie, Daisy, Sophie, Charlotte and Amy. Joe has given us a box of hats with lights on, which means not only can you see the music and the notes you are playing in the dark [but not at the same time!], but also the slug tracking its away across B flat [but as someone once said, we don't use B flat, so the slug lives].

This gig involves beer, and spending the following day on the sofa for me, but we played our socks inside our wellies off, and then Chloe and Natalie did a little duet. We secreted the pans away in Sophie's car, under tables and under the gazebo.

Rick. Diz and I recovered them the following day [a break from the sofa], after which the van gave up working. Good timing little blue van!

Please get better for next gig or tuning trip!

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