Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Foxwood Steel play Metropole Leeds

I love city-centre venues, especially Leeds city-centre. Wherever you live everyone can get a bus to the centre, walk, cycle or even drive - but parking is sometimes a hassle, or expensive. And I love early evening gigs at the weekend because there is just the possibility that we might get together socially afterwards for once!
So when asked would we like to play the Metropole, yes we would. And it was a late enough start to get us all from our daytime jobs, and an early enough finish to get Georgia up to her evening one. Yes, Debs, we were thirteen Foxwood players! Imagine that!
We were me, Bex, Daisy, Sophie, Stewart, Katie, Vicky, Natalie, Tim, Georgia, Fehmina, Charlotte and Varshika. The room lent itself to some lovely pics, and we had moments of four soprano pans at the same time.
Then we went out for a "debrief" at Carpe Diem. I walked home in the rain, and Tim left his new bike chained up in town. Some of them had to get up early the next day for music centre, and some of us didn't!


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