Friday, 8 November 2013

Foxwood braved the storms, Elland Road traffic, a closed M62 and rocked Preston

I was on the allotment, kidding myself about keeping it [the hedge, the fallen apples, the runner beans more like rubber beans! the lot] under control, when Nick from Preston phoned. Let down by a steel band at the last minute for her big birthday. Could we?

Well, we don't like people being let down, so, in the end, it was me, Wanda [from East Steel], Lizzie, Gary, Sophie and Stewart on a rescue mission to Preston on a wild Saturday night.

It was Another fine mess, as fine as they get.  We went down well, despite the chromed pans being so cold that, for the first half hour, they tinkled rather than chimed.

We got caught in Leeds football traffic on the way over; the M62 closed briefly for an accident [which Wanda's car just missed]; there were storms, rain and high winds; we spent 2 and a bit hours on a one and 1/2 hour journey.

Me and Gazza missed the booked train back, spent two journeys waiting to be caught out with via-Burnley tickets, spent forty minutes at Manchester Piccadilly, resigned to not seeing Otway. [I had planned to nip up to the City Varieties as soon as we got into Leeds, but it was not to be]. The rubbish on the seats at Piccadilly Station was disgusting. I took photos.

The following day Liz and I went back to the social club in order to collect the pans we had to leave in their utility room only to find it closed!

Thankfully manager, Karen from St Anthony's Social Club was happy to let us leave our pans there till we could rescue them.

Still, maybe next time I should leave my mobile in the house when I go over to the allotment to get away from it all.  Debs, as if! I absolutely won't let people be let down, and I would do all over again. David Blunket once said, re education, that a child only gets one chance, and, in the world of how we traverse through life and celebrate the milestones, we only get to be 30 or 40 or 50 or whatever once.

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