Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Diane and I get up early and go to a conference in Manchester

Well, it's Saturday morning, and Diane is having a go cos our cheap train tickets are taking us via Hebden Bridge and the scenic route from Leeds to Manchester. Anyway a few scenic old factories, viaducts and hillsides later, she is converted [not that I realised that I had booked the stopping train].

Our conference is in the G Mex Centre, where, a few years back, Morgan and I went to see Bloc Party.

We are met by Manchester Music Service Steelband, and it was lovely, natural, unpretentious style of playing, without any forced smiles or unnecessary dynamics. I loved them, but Diane told me we had gone for the conference, and so we had.

After we discussed this and that, we caught the scenic route back in the dark, stopping at even more stations.

I retrieved my bike from the racks at Leeds Station, and headed back to Hyde Park. En route I encountered a retrieve the streets march, and walked with it till it melted into Leeds Met.

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