Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I nearly forgot Patti

Dear Debs,  Miggy Park was long; I couldn’t wait to get home and pass out; little did I realise that Rick, now in charge of Georgia’s two Smalls was thinking along the same lines; only he couldn’t wait for me to come home so that he could pass out.

So, I am now in charge of the Smalls, while Rick has 40 winks, and Debs, I nearly forgot – it’s Patti Smith night. I hand the Smalls back and end up having 80 winks. Am a bit late for Stewart waiting with Austin and Roz [above]outside the O2. Patti was great. As you can't tell from this picture [probably left].

Last time me and Stewart saw Patti was In Nottingham. We went with a friend whose husband offered to drive. Alas, over the course of the evening,  the husband seemed to have taken against Stewart, and turfed him out of the car in the middle of Leeds in the middle of  the night. Our friend turfed said husband out of her life some months later.

Well, Debs, I haven’t been to the O2 for decades; and three days later Walt’s calling past and do I fancy a gig with him? Well, yes, I do, not that I have heard Beirut [see above from distance] at all. Walt knows Heather Merchandise. Here’s some pics of Heather and Walt, me and Walt, the band, the audience, and yes me and Walt playing pool after that at the Fenton.  The Fenton brought back memories of the early eighties. And, as Uni isn't quite back yet, it is empty and we have the pool table all to ourselves. Actually pool tables and Walt brings back memories of the pool table and the window in the top room of our house on Brudenell Mount. I think it was two shots to me and a glazier on that occasion. 

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