Sunday, 23 September 2012

Foxwood at Wykebeck

Amy's working at Wykebeck Primary School, at the moment, so we're off to the Open Day, and it is also the opening of the music room dedicated to Fanny Waterman [founder of the Leeds Piano Competition]. Which grand opening I didn't know about, till I spotted the lady herself by the tea place. I also didn't know that the man filming was from Calendar. "You're too late, " I told him, 'we've just finished. He asked us to play again, thankfully we played the four chord, Electricity, which you can make look quite tricky to the untrained eye. I was quite surprised to see us, well, my back and the bass pans on the 6 o'clock news.

We were me, Bex [with attendant Smalls], Daisy, Vicky, Katie, Amy, Danielle, Natalie, Charlotte and Chris [who was actually on his way back to Plymouth, returning the pan I lend him in summer].

So many ex-Foxwood School students today. Girls, who look now like their mums looked then, when I was counting to four for them all those years ago.  "You still playing those things!" one ex-student commented.

Here's some pics of us playing under the basketball net, and one of me in the tea queue loitering near Dame Fanny Waterman. Also the minister/vicar from the church at the Gipton five-ways roundabout, where I did a summer school in 2009.

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