Tuesday, 16 August 2011

City of Leeds Summer Fair and the Great Run-up to the Festival of Britain

It is the first Saturday in July and Sparrows, Doves and Foxwood are all in action at the summer fair. John has brought the inflatables and the Smalls are eying up the rides. We are now fund-raising in ridiculous earnest. Ashley's dad, Richard, is the bun-sale king, and now he and Vicky have made £20 selling cakes.

In a rash, and very typical Victoria-esque moment last week I told Spring Bank Primary School that I would call up with some Sparrows and do a spot with my Year Sixes and with Sparrows. Luckily, Millie's mother, Trish, has a big car and big heart, and we bundled two cars' worth of players along to do this. Most of Year 6 scattered, but a few brave souls did stand up to be counted. Back to City where I found I had left Amy, who had been the first to offer to do this little gigette.

I don't have permission to show the primary school students so here's a pic of some Sparrows playing after. We didn't make any money at Spring Bank because I forgot to tell them we were fund-rasining. I might sack myself as a money-maker, but I'd have to get in there before Bex does.

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