Sunday, 21 August 2011

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows play at the Mariners and More Fund Raising for the Festival of Britain

Dear Debs

It's all go here. No sooner than we get the pans back into the Pan Room at City than it's round the back of the school with van, and loading up for the Mariners' Day Centre, Beeston. This is where band-member, Evie's mum works and it's a good few quid to help us down to London. The Lord Mayor calls, and Bruntcliffe School brings a lovely band and singers.

This is on Tuesday July 5th, which is a week day. The band now consists of maternity leaves, home educated and Year 11s just finished their exams. It was ever thus. And how is it, I hear you ask that we can all play along together from different bands?

Answer: Foxwood songsheets, sight-reading, and a number of tunes in common. It is not rocket science, and while "purists" wobble on about the aural tradition, my bands can play loads of tunes, at the drop of hat, at summer fairs, galas, local carnivals and festivals, and re-open any number of bandstands without going into rehearsal meltdown first.

Pictures to follow.

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