Saturday, 3 September 2016

Three Foxwood Panyard Steelbands play Leeds Cafe Bliss Carnival Village Sunday

First up it is Leeds Pan Central - a combo today mostly of Foxwood Steel and East Steel. We are
me [Victoria], Vicky, Wanda, George, Lynn, Sophie, Sheeks, Ash, Emma, George,

This is Mexican's Cafe Bliss and Rhythms fifth Carnival Village, neatly nestled at the side of Chapeltown Road, just up from Savile Park where Foxwood Steel popped up in 2013 [sunny] and 2014 [rainy].

Before Hilary and George rescued us.

At 4pm East Steel played on their own.
Now we are me [Victoria], Vicky, Sophie, Lynn, Joyce, Anne, Maddie. Here's Ash arriving to drum for us.

Trying to keep the sets as different as possible, we massacre The Flood.  Moving on.

At six thirty three of us change shirts to be Foxwood Steel, and now we are me [Victoria], Vicky, Sophie, Gary, Here's Sophie actually changing vest!

Out of a potential eight Foxwood  drummers, we only have Sheeks, who is doing her best to get out of it. I contact John, Jermaine and Byron, am about to message Theo when Jermaine agrees, telling me he is not very good. He and Sheeks spend the set trying to get each other to drum. We have the odd disaster, but they are both great.

Foxwood is Gazza, me, Sheeks, Vicky, Sophie, Wanda, Jermaine, Chloe, Gig and Patrick, who wore his matching Red Stripe shirt. 

There was a sort of Battle of the Gazebos into Bags later, then I got a lift home with Sheeks. I don't know what everyone is complaining about, but I had had a few cans!

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