Friday, 26 August 2016

Foxwood Steel plays Manchester Carnival Sunday

It's probably a hazard of working at A and E that you will be sick a lot, especially at first, so it is with regret but understanding that we have lost Sheeks today.

We reconfigured our loading and our passenger lists, and in the end Chloe and Wanda drove themselves and me [Victoria], Millie S and George over, and we included two trolleys this time. Fehmina was already in Manchester. Again we are the only steelband at carnival.

Trolleys which we needed.

It turns out that the car is not too far from the Trini Latino Tent and its nice little platform, but between trolleying smaller pans from outside the park and trolleying basses, stands, and kit from my car, we are not able to start when wanted to.

We are following a dancing samba band, sadly missed their act as too busy criss-crossing the park with pans. They off to play somewhere else, but they looked great and they were music live! In an arena full of sound systems a refreshing change. And here again is Hilton, a solo pannist who agreed to brave the stage with us for a few tunes.

We all agreed to ditch ditching yesterday's setlist as the surrounding noise was mind-blowing. There was no place for subtlety. As we played another sound system set up next to us. Think he was the organiser of the Latin Trini tent. After an hour he asked us to stop so he could sound check and then he rolled into his set; we put some garlands in our hair, and rolled our pans back across the park.

The others set off to Leeds again and I hung around the park, getting chips again and  tea again from Ifty's friends chippie, sampling the delights of the portaloos again.

George texts to say he has lost his bag, probably in Wanda's car; Wanda unloads at mine; she texts, not got George's bag; I search my car and the Latin Tent; here the DJ insists on sticking me on the stage to receive applause for the band. I say these people didn't see us,  don't do it. They push me out onto the stagette. I contemplate the floor, uncharacteristically embarrassed, and escape.

Met someone else with rainbow hair. She insisted on a selfie. Ace.

Eventually, at 8.20 I put on the hazards and crawl up to the park gates and head for Leeds, shaving twenty minutes of Saturday's time. Only one minor panic attack as I head over a massive flyover as the satnav made me take the M57!

End of the day Saturday

Get on at ten to find Wanda has actually unloaded George's small rucksack and it is on pool table. All I can say is white van, black bag.

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