Monday, 1 August 2016

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows play Stars Awards Evening at Elland Road

Well, even before academisation claimed it freed up schools to innovate and/or be different, local authority schools have had the freedom to end for the summer holiday when they chose. This is done by giving/offering their staff  twilight training sessions. This leaves parents with children at different schools [mostly primary and secondary] facing different holiday times, thus an odd day [or even five!] off schooling  fact not drawn attention to when a teaching union goes on strike, and suddenly parents have to find childcare.

So, when Shaina from Stars asked the Sparrows to play for their Awards Evening on the Wednesday, the last official day of school term in Leeds, I did not expect how complicated that would be. Bex was already a week into her holiday while I was on my last day of teaching; support Vicky and Wanda's schools also closed today.

The older Sparrows, of course were in some cases already on their European tour, at work, or on holiday. So Sparrows were Kristen, Lucy and Deangelo. I called in a couple of favours; Wanda and Vicky had signed up. I would say fresh from their last day of term, but fresh is probably not the right word. I put out a call to Foxwood [who have, in general, benefited from Sparrows support in the past] and Sophie and Varshika came to our rescue. And a few others others tried to help.

We could not have more grateful nor more proud.

Varshika [Sheeks] didn't argue when I asked her if she would play drum-kit [and she hasn't played since before she went to uni!]. She just said, "I'll change my shoes".

Thanks to the parents who juggled their lives and braved the rush hour to bring the players the Hospitality Suite. We played as the Stars arrived, and they listened from the balcony above us. Shaina's face at the end told us we were just the ticket!

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