Saturday, 18 June 2016

Foxwood Steel play Weston Wedding

I met Jon, Rosie and Priscilla back in April. I was still limping from that sojourn at St Thomas's. Discovered that Rosie was a doctor in London; discussed campaigning for the NHS; I discussed PFI sucking the money from hospitals and schools.

I was already pleased to be playing Jon and Rosie's wedding near Otley. People like Rosie routinely save the lives of people like me. I was doubly pleased.

In the field, on the day there was now the most beautiful of marquees, and opposite a space for us to set up the double gazebo phenomenon that I like to think is our rainy day trade mark. In the pouring rain we rocked with all the usual tunes and threw in If It's raining, it's Raining because, well, it was.

Gary was bemoaning playing his first gig in specs. Come on Gazza, it's a fashion statement for me! We were me, Charlotte, Sheeks, Amy, Bex, Natalie, Gary, Georgia, Katie, Vicky, Sophie.

At the beginning we were given an ace tray of sandwich buns. At some point we started a tune before Sheeks had no chance to finish hers. Stop the song, or take a photograph. No contest.

Back at home, the next day, there was a bit of drying out to do.

On an entirely serious note, Jon the Groom wrote thus afterwards:

Hello Victoria. Sorry to have not said goodbye yesterday. I cannot thank you enough for what was the most wonderful of performances. The steel band was a real highlight, and people have been talking about it nonstop. Thank you so much."

And, do you know, if we weren't that good, that would be no point.

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