Sunday, 19 June 2016

East Steel at Pool-in-Wharfedale

It's a parking space; it's cream teas; it's a great position. With this sort of organisation it's impossible to say no to Richard, and what's left of me, Wanda, YiBai and Bex are now in Pool-in-Wharfedale, contemplating gazebos.

With us are Sophie, Anne, Vicky, Lynn, Joyce, Wendy, Trisha, Pippa and Maddie

We start off on the club's lovely balcony, but put up gazebos underneath and to one side - just in case.

We move to the gazebos after about an hour, as the rain takes a hold, and entries for the running races drop off. We play Chariots of Fire for Joyce who did a walking race in the morning and for the Pool Race for Life runners. Then we play If It's Raining, it's Raining for obvious reasons.

We have the cream teas; I meet an ex-teacher from Cross Green [the school that had the same misfortune as Foxwood - both amalgamated to become the short-lived, hugely expensive and pretentiously named Copperfields College]. Always like an chat about education, wherever I find it.

 In front of the gazebos a toddler dances, barefoot in the rain [I wonder if she will remember this moment].

Wanda and I both win a raffle prize; she got to the bottle of wine first. [A week later the chocolate cake is still gazing at me forlornly, only half eaten].

YiBai and Bex carry away the gazebos; and in the carpark, we find Wendy [who left a family do to play with us] still waiting for her lift.

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