Sunday, 8 February 2015

Allerton Grange Allstars at Allerton Grange

It is always a pleasure to play at Allerton Grange World of Music concerts, mostly because I get to see all the other acts, and they are, unfailingly, awesome! First off, must be three or four years ago now I was bowled over by Theo's steelband, and also indie-rockband, Glassbody [some same personnel here], a sort of mix of Cure, Bloc Party and one other that I forget now. But some of my all-time favourite bands.

Then there's the singers. There's never a year that one singer doesn't bring tears to the eye. Avtar's dhols - astonishing! Cellists, pianists, concert band, and the rest. All great, and the concert so well-paced, thanks to Mr Mercer and Mrs Casey. End of eulogy.

The other reason that I like Allerton Grange concerts is that, as the school is very diverse, culturally and religiously, there is no obligation to do Jingle Bells at the December concert. Excellent! And I don't. Also it was at Allerton Grange that I asked ArtForms colleague, Alex if he could recommend a drummer for us, and next thing I know, George is drumming for the Sparrows as well. Yippee!

So here we are,  the so-called beginners [Iuean, Alice and Polly] playing Au Clair de la Lune, and X, everybody plays Redemption song as people coming in for the second half, then the daytime class [Sophie, Josie, Kris, Findlay, Seb] and the after school club [Destoni, Sabna, Sarah] join forces to give us You Are Not Alone and Sing A Rainbow. I have also volunteered Yi Bai and Ashley to support the bands.

Which of course they were happy to do, in an arm-bending kind of way.

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