Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Winifred Mercier Lecture, Maya takes a kitchen bath

Well Debs,

Life is such that being at a university lecture comes under the recreation blog. And thus it was. Melissa Benn came to give the Winifred Mercier lecture at Leeds Met - this put on by pal and former fellow-governor, Prof Lori Beckett. Accompanied by Ann and Tim. 

Went to the drinks reception afterwards. Fortunately I was driving, because speaking from the floor had made me hyper. So it was one glass of wine and some stuff with choux pastry and mushrooms for me.

A bit earlier, in February, Georgia decided to give Maya a bath in the sink. Clearly Maya was in heaven. 

Even earlier I went to see ex-pupils, Kelly ad Chris in their band, Hobsons at Escobar, Leeds. 

I think that sums up my late winter/ early spring entertainment. 

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