Monday, 4 March 2013

Don't Make me go to the Pub again

building Peterboro Station 
On Thursday Lola was six. They all went to sing Happy Birthday. I took the train to Norwich. Changed at Peterborough. Which they are still rebuilding. Accidentally booked first class. There I was with my sandwich box and flask, and there they were with their pots of tea and vegetarian sandwiches. Met Joy at Norwich. We put my sandwiches in her fridge.
the old and the new at the cathedral

There's twelve pubs within walking distance of my house, said Joy. I took this to mean four an evening, and I was starting to psyche myself up for them. We started slowly doing the York and the Rose on Thursday, but on Friday evening, it was please don't make me go to the pub, New Tricks and the Arts Review Show.

On Friday we checked out the Town centre, took the bus to Nina's, Guy took us to the business park wherein Adrian James Acoustics. This involved my leading them up a country track which led nowhere but did involve a certain amount of giggling and hysteria. Anyway we went back and found the place.

Victoria, Victorian postbox, Norwich market
Here I learnt some very interesting stuff, to be put on my Education Camapigner blog. I was in educational heaven. Thankfully Adrian was able to take us back into Norwich in his car.

Rob, Joy, basses
me Rob and sinking mallets
On Saturday we checked out Norwich Town Centre, saw the Everton supporters shortly to be disappointed [Joy and me both born Merseyside], met Rob Slocombe [who, a decade ago bought my very first set of Foxwood Songsheets]. Rob was newly retired and newly back from Trinidad where he had been studying pan-making and tuning. Now he is about to re-start his steelband with Joy signed up to be in it. I was in steelpan heaven. Thankfully Rob took us back into Norwich.
the York

That evening the wall of sound that met us as Joy and I tried Pub 3 was so overpowering and so physical that we left. [Ironic that we had just been talking acoustics with Adrian]. We didn't even go inside Pub 4, but just looked in at the band, and then headed back to the lovely York.
as it says on the tin

On Sunday checked out Joy's grandmotherly status at Noo's. Thankfully Guy was able to take us to Norwich station.

wild baby irises in the wildflower area

The trains back to Leeds were really full, and the one from Ely to Peterborough was a replacement coach. Thankfully Rick was able to meet me from the train, and I sank into the waiting arms of the red sofa and Dancing on Ice [come on Beth [Tweddle]!].

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