Friday, 12 October 2012

Sparrows play Bramley Primary School

Now then, not many gigs, then two in three days. That's more like it!

Emily's mum, Sharon works at Bramley Primary School, and that is where we are this evening.  With Natalie, Vicky and me are Peter, Millie S, Ashley, Claudia, Naomi, Emily and Evie.

Bramley PS is hosting a group of international visitors. I think that their party is only just starting as we are leaving, back to Any Questions [maybe that's only me], Hyde Park, Beeston, Chapeltown, Chapel Allerton, Little London, Otley, Burley-in-Wharfedale.

And what's really really good about this evening is that this is New Sparrows. The new Old Guard is old now in Brighton, Manchester or Liverpool, or at work, or just moved on. And the old Old Guard has been to Birmingham, Lincoln and back. And this new Sparrows stood up proud. Actually there was nothing dangerous or tricky about this gig. Apart from maybe a late setlist that got changed almost immediately.

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