Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rest of the Best on tour October 2012

On Monday morning we rehearse; Monday afternoon finds us at Milestone.

On Tuesday we sweep through Millfield, Oakwood Special and West Oaks Special.

Sadly over half the band had to do their after school music clubs, or had to pick up their own chidlren, so a band of 12 was whittled down to a road crew of 4, as you can see below as we wait for the wheelchair-bearing minibuses to clear the carpark.

Wednesday we return to the real day job.

Thursday it's Elmete Special, Hillcrest and Parklands.

We are me, Diane, Sophie, Mary, Fiona, Liz, Krish, Joe, Al, Hilary, Bart, Janet, Joanna, Cathy, Mike, Melvin, Tom [on work experience], Dan.

There was a lift in Hillcrest [and Joe was grateful], but it was still complicated. See picture.

And here below is Bart impressing the kids at Elmete, and the rest of the band with wheelchair wheelies [not that you tell from my useless pic!].

We play, in no particular order, as they say,  kit, saxophones, flute, cello, violin, ukele, steel pans, crumhorn, gemshorn, clarinets, keyboards, tin whistle, piano accordion, vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, hand percussion, ocarinas, balalaika, recorders. And we dance a bit.

This band, the Rest of the Best, is the highight of the academic year for me. We aim that it should be the cutting edge of educational performance. And if we have fun on the way, so be it.

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