Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Singapore Bradford Music For Youth Again, Rick's birthday

Well, Morgan took his planes to Singapore on the 4th. We, the family had a couple of farewell dinners for him, one previously at his work, and one at our house. [Please note that, in this picture on the left, no alcohol is being consumed.] Then Walt offered to drive Mig to Manchester on Friday, ready for his early flight to Dubai, and compounding my anxieties about sons travelling. February in Yorkshire and snow forecast. They ignored me, as sons do, and of course Mig safely gets to Manchester; Walt safely gets back to Leeds, Mig takes plane to Dubai [briefly near yourself, Debs], and it snows so hard in Leeds 12 hours later that taxis, yes, taxis won't take us to Bridget's party in Roundhay.

Meantime it's the Music For Youth Primary Prom in Bradford, and now I have the photos of Barney in our dressing room, with a much-quivering Danielle, and a much quivering Ashley. Nina finds a small cupboard to hide in [I see a theme here]. And this is Amy outside St George's Hall, waiting for the van and demonstrating the temperature. Cold.

Friday 10th springs up; Foxwood PHAB gig at Prince Philip Centre is cancelled due to the weather; we all take Rick to the West End for his birthday. I call the picture with him and the kids, Help.

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