Thursday, 16 February 2012

Barbecue and even more birthdays in Hyde Park and East End Park

Who would have a barbecue in February in Leeds! John did. Outside in February in Hyde Park, Leeds. It was freezing. The picture [right] doesn't do justice to the cold. The camera flash makes it look quite cosy. It's February - grand-daughters have birthdays: Stella got to be ten, Lola got to be five; then the Foxwood sisters: Bex and Katie had birthdays, as did Vicky. The three of them had their first party at Katie's new house in East End Park. I met Stewart in Carpe Diem where they had never heard of Blue Bex, so I was obliged to start drinking alcohol at 7.30! I was carrying a recently-baked and still warm cake with me, and some royal icing mixed and ready to put on. Dividing the cake in three looked somewhat like a gynealogical artefact. Hmmm. They were all doing karaoke. I said no.

After that, half term came to an end, then, after the East Steel practice, the three of them decided to go for another celebratory drink. By now the medicos in East Steel had assured me I wasn't going to lose this stupid cough/cold/whatever virus by staying in, so I went up to the Hyde Park pub and joined them. Some pub clients were randomly wearing Tigger outfits. We had a couple of drinks and left. No steel pans in this blog, Debs, just a reminder, if you are feeling homesick that it is very cold here in Blighty.

Brace yourself for all our March gigs.

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