Sunday, 2 April 2017

Foxwood Steel in City Square

We have played in City Square either once or twice before - for the NUT and TUC rallies. Sunny days, warm. Now it is December 22 in the north of England; it is at least dry.

We were me, Bex, Natalie, Amy, Fehmina, Vicky, Millie S, Gary, Charlotte. We played loads of Christmas tunes, interspersed with odd favourite calypso. We, without realising had brought back our tribute to George Michael by restoring Last Christmas to the Christmas set, just three days before he died - at Christmas. Very sad. At 53, so young.

We thought it would be nice to play for commuters as they were catching their trains home. We thought there would lots of people and we would make lots of money busking. Quite wrong.


We think we sparkled up lots of Christmas commutes, and it was hoot playing till we thought our fingers might freeze off.

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