Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Foxwood Steel play Miggy Family Centre - Loverly

The Elves dismantling the gazebo
So, if it's Thursday, it must be the third gig in three days. Yay.

After the Town Hall [one rehearsal, two gigs] it is a relief to arrive at Middleton Family Centre. It is dark, a bit wet and it is cold and they have erected a gazebo in the front garden.

And Natalie and Georgia have just pulled up! Stand back.

I explain to Tom that it can't happen, and he agrees; we play inside a
little office; Gig and Natnat return to normal.

If we appear not to be smiling, well . . . we aren't; we are all sight-righting like-crazy stuff we haven't played for twelve months;

We are me, Natalie, Vicky, Georgia and Charlotte. We played for nearly hours and tried not to repeat any Christmas songs. However we only had Vicky's one book and a few odd copies of this and Christmas that. Some songs we have never played before. Georgia kept asking, "So how does this go?"

The audience loved us, and sang along with Jingle Bells and some others. And we loved them.

We ate mince pies and loverly cups of tea, and went home happier than we expected.

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