Monday, 31 October 2016

Foxwood Steel play for Moortown M and S 25th anniversary

We know it is going to be tricky for many players getting up to Moortown after work in time to play. And, to be honest, despite all the plans, the notebooks, the message groups and the texts, I have long since forgotten who is playing and who isn't. And before I set off to Moortown, Rick, Vicky and I have half-loaded the white van for London.

This, as it is to turn out, is mine, Bex, Vicky's and Amy's second of four gigs inside six, three in Leeds and one in London [!]. It is for M and S Moortown, Gazza's place of work.

So first-up it's obviously Gary, then me and Vicky, then Charlotte walks in and Bex and Amy drive in - separately. We are contemplating who's likely to be our drummer when Sheeks drives past, apparently oblivious to our presence. We stand back.

We are just wondering how to tell Varshika that she is our main drummer when Number One Drummer walks. Yay! Natalie! Well, now that Sophie is here as well, we have turned into a creditable nine-piece. So good. And I was wondering who would make it this late Monday teatime!

Emma is also here from Cherry Bee; she films a wonderful version of Is Heat, which, although it is nearer to soprano pans and kit, still gives the essence of how well we play this wonderful tune, arranged for us initially by our friend Xanthe some decade or so ago, and generally added to over the years as people discover more bits of interest.

Thanks to Emma W for some/most/all of the pictures above.

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