Sunday, 29 May 2016

Foxwood Steel at Oakwood Farmers Market May 2016

Well, what more to say about Oakwood Farmers Market. We love them; they love us.

Maybe I should discuss our lovely industrial weight gazebos. These fine edifices were bought after saving up for some time. Easy to put once you know how. Some of the Farmers Market people got very excited when they saw them and gave them a little stroke. And why not!

But you're not reading this blog to find out about weather protection. You want to know if we did any new tunes at all, or was the set list called Oakwood 2016 the same as the one called Oakwood 2014 or even 2012. Well, I managed to slip SOS past them, which we have never played before, and Diamonds are Forever [calypso], which was a bit of a distant memory. Furious discussion ensued that it should be hauntingly slow and not chirpy calypso. They all called for You'll Never Walk Alone. I wondered if it was too close to Hillsborough, but it went down alright.

We were me, Vicky, Gig, Daisy, Sheeks, Amy, Sophie, George, YiBai, Fehmina, Ash.

I was determined to master the art of the single guitar pan, and am doing good on it.

That's it: Oakwood farmers' market, an annual favourite. Loved it.

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