Saturday, 9 January 2016

New North Steelettes debut at North Leeds Music Centre

Hall set up for concert
This is my second year with NLMC. Half of last year's players started again, and a few new people joined. Some of the pans were a bit ropey at the beginning of term, but I have been slowly replacing the less desirables with more desirable ones. Last week I borrowed a pair of double basses from Bradford and I like to think made Isha's day.
basket music holder
Martin and the Gang
Mark looking grown up in suit
Anyway everyone seems to have caught up with each other, and we are now working on sixteen bar tunes with three or more chords, minors and majors, even the odd seventh, a few bits of unison, and call and response.


Here we are now, December 5th at this, what I took to be end-of-term concert, at NLMC, now housed at Allerton CE Primary School, no longer at Carr Manor. Better for pans as this is a single storey building and Mark has now purchased some tremendous trolleys and a stand bag.

For the concert we are Emma, Satinder, Annie, Julia, Isha, Kurum, Ella, Niall, and for a debut proper concert, I would say we were awesome.

Next weekend, I found out, almost by chance that there was yet another music centre lesson. Oops. And that Mark organised these concerts one week early so that the carols at Thorner didn't clash with the concert, and exhaust everyone. Fair enough.

nice trolley

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