Thursday, 30 April 2015

Foxwood Steel at Maddie and Liam's wedding

Well, same as last year, if we want the youngest son to play pans these days we need another of his friends to get married. Last year they tied the knot in Sidmouth [miles away]. This year's knot is being tied in East Keswick, a few miles up the Wetherby Road. Yay!

We were Victoria, Bex, Vicky, Amy, Sophie, Fehmina, Morgan, guests, Ashley and Yi Bai. Maddie has been playing with the beginners' class for the few months so we invited her to be a surprise guest at the wedding. She chose and had learnt the melody for You Raise Me Up, but then we added the key change as well! Eek!
Serene in posh white dress Maddie took the extra 20 plus bars and all the flats in the left of her soprano pan in her stride.
It was a bit windy outside so after an hour of playing on the terrace, we decided to move inside. Just in time and just as well, as the soft sounds of Bridge Over Troubled Water on a nine piece steelband was not so pleasing to all the residents of East Keswick, and we were invited to close the doors as well. Ever thus. [There were some louder tunes, it must be said].
practising the week before

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