Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Foxwood and East Steels at Bentley Court

Well Debs,

I said yes to Jenny's request, and invited all of Foxwood and East Steel to Bentley Court Care Home, expecting us to be a trio: me, Gig and Trish.

Well, we were a very full octet, which now included as well, Stewart, Wendy, Wanda, Kirsty and [for the second set] Vicky.

We played two sets of ten tunes, including songs from all different eras. The audience, those who lived in Bentley, and their friends and families, sang along Can't help Lovin Dat Man and You'll Never Walk Alone [lump in throat time], and correctly identified Kaiser Chiefs,  Oh My God.

At home I printed off eight setlists and left them on my desk; at the gig, having hassled my players to get their songsheets, I failed miserably to do so myself, and I was standing next to Georgia and Stewart. Anyway, the players didn't seem to hold it against us. [Had found my own booklet by the second set.]

Wanda, who had been deaf in one ear for several months, suddenly, in a whoosh, during the last song, started to hear properly again. I leaned over to ask her to play on the beat, and she experiencing a very loud room in a state of shock. Proof, if it was needed that playing music is good for your health.

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