Thursday, 26 January 2012

Blackheath was nice

Dear Debs

On the 14th of this month, I took my packed lunch and my flask of tea, tried deperately to limit myself to one suitcase for computer, clothes and books, and set off for the 9.05 to London. With. One suitcase, a folded up trolley and soft pancase, the suitcase, handbag, rucksack, and little shopping bag.

I was on my way to see the Wailing Trees of Blackheath, calling briefly at the Anti-Academies AGM, then up to Clapton for Cockburn's single second, and then dragging this flippin pan across London via the bus from Lea Bridge, the next to Canning Town, DLR to Lewisham [I know, I should have changed at Stratford!] and finally the bus to St Margaret's Church.
I arrived at Eric and Mindy's house, parked the single second up, ate butternut squash curry [yummy], and set off for the local pub. En route spotted and snapped . fox having pooh in local garden. [In the picture you can see the street and the fox's eyes]. We had a couple of pints, and put the world to rights. Eric and Minday have been in the States for a decade and more, so there was a lot to put right.

Came back to house, put more world to right, went to bed with a couple of paracetomols - just in case.

Woke early, took the two paracetomol.
Tea, porridge, go for a walk. My dad used to live in Blackheath in an end terrace house, over a shop, overlooking some grass. We set off to find it. En route, found Pagoda House. Nice.
Took two more paracetomol.
On the Heath we snapped ourselves in front of probable terrace. It was a bit more blasted than I remembered, but then it is January, which here, back in Blighty, Debs means winter. It was time for the bus, the DLR, the tube and the train back to Leeds.

And yes, it was a drag, dragging the pan on little wheels all over the transport systems of the South, but it was great to get it into its Leeds high school a couple of days later.

And it's hard not to love the Docklands Light Railway, so I didn't try.

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