Saturday, 22 October 2011

Black History Month Yorkshire Sculpture Park with Foxwood, Doves, Sparrows and where Katie left her hoody next

Dear Debs

As your departure is imminent from the UK shores, so how much Foxwood and myself - how much we will miss you! Within one week of leaving your car with your ma for the interim, you have become the queen of public transport.

First, on Thursday 20 September you jumped on a train with your trusty soprano [aka tenor] pan, [see next blog for pics]; then it's the train from Huddersfield to Wakefield, then bus to West Bretton for four sets [one marching] playing with Doves and Sparrows, and meeting up with Katie en route.

We played in the main building at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We were me, you, Katie, Vicky, Varshika, Natalie, Georgia, Stewart [Charlotte was still parking]. This - without the drum-kit, I call these our acoustic sets; then we nipped outside to this lovely patio veranda balcony thing [see left], and Charlotte emerged from the lower car park to join us, as did Fehmina who had been left holding the drum kit while we played inside. Neither job for the faint -hearted.

Then the Sparrows appeared, mostly from Tricia's car, and led by flag-waving Damien [top picture] paraded with pan de neck and flag waving down to the teepee [right]. Our hosts, Helen and Damon appeared to have ordered a beautiful sunny late October Indian summer of a day for our celebration of Black History Month. Sparrows and Doves were Amy, Fehmina, Varshika, Millie 1, Millie 2, Evie, Claudia, Jenner, Maisie, Ashley, Chloe, and Nina.

And while we parading across the grass, in the background Vicky, Damon, Katie, Stewart, Varshika, Amy and Tricia were getting the static pans down to the Teepee for the last set. Usually I ask parents to sit back and let their children get on with being in a band, including the setting up and packing away. On this occasion I just looked at Tricia and said Please! [This time Katie left her hoody in the Teepee.]

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