Tuesday, 6 September 2011

July 2011

Here's a list of the gigs in a very busy July 2011 and a few of the pictures:
1. 2 July Foxwood, Sparrows, Doves at City of Leeds Summer Fair .

2 July Sparows at Springbank Summer Fair
3. 5 July Mariners resource centre, Beeston
4. 7 July Doves at Outdoor Performance Area, Music For Youth, Birmingham
5. 9 July Foxwood, Doves, SteelRising at Huddersfield Carnival
6. 10 July East Steel at Ben Rhydding Primary School Summer Fair
7. 12 July Sparrows at Leeds Poetry Slam, City of Leeds School
8. 13 July Sparrows at City of Leeds School Awards Evening
9. 16 July Sparrows at Moortown Community Event
10. 16 July Doves at Ecclesfield School Arts Festival, Chapeltown, Sheffield
11. 17 July Sparrows and Doves at the West Park Centre
12. 19 July Sparrows and Doves at last open rehearsal at City of Leeds School
13. 23 July Sparrows and Doves at Festival of Britain, Southbank Centre London
14. 30 July Foxwood at Katie's Big Lunch

31 July Sparrows, Doves, Foxwood, East Steel at Donovan's Day, Millfield [Potternewton] School

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